Report: EA And Comcast To Partner On Game Streaming To TVs

by Mike Futter on May 02, 2014 at 10:52 AM

A new report suggests that a deal is in the works for EA to stream its games to Comcast customers. The technology would use Comcast’s X1 set top box.

Reuters reports that it has multiple sources that have shared details that would see EA’s library of games available to some of Comcast’s 22 million customers. The X1 box already offers apps and an interface that would enable such a setup.

EA has already staked its claim in the PC space to directly distribute titles using its Origin platform. This would be another way to deliver content to directly to end users with equipment already available.

Comcast and Time Warner are currently working to cement a merger that would leave the new entity 78 percent of the market share in the United States. It was also give EA a direct pipeline uninhibited by throttling, a concern of potential changes to net neutrality rules.

We’ve reached out to EA for comment and will update should we hear back. For more on Net Neutrality, you can read up in our recent analysis.

[Source: Reuters]


Our Take
If true, this would be a bold move for EA that would open up a new audience that doesn’t have interest in consoles. It takes advantage of existing technology and circumvents concerns of throttling. Depending on pricing and stream stability, this could have potential to disrupt the industry if implemented properly.