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Disney Announces Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

by Mike Futter on Apr 30, 2014 at 07:21 AM

Disney has formally announced Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes. The title will be out this fall and will include the Avengers, Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and villains including Loki and Modok.

The characters share a look similar to the original Disney Infinity characters. The building elements, including tile sets featuring "Marvel Manhattan," Asgard, and more will be featured.

A starter kit will come with three Avengers (Thor, Black Widow, and Iron Man), the Avengers play set, and two mini-game discs. All 1.0 figures, power discs, and the base will work with the new game. Toy box saves from the original are compatible, too. 

This year will feature approximately 20 new characters and 80 new power discs. The discs are still blind-buy, and there are new types, including costume changes and sidekicks like Iron Patriot and Winter Soldier.

The characters will fit into a number of different categories like brawler (Captain America and Thor), ranged (Hawkeye), agility (Black Widow), and... Hulk. Each will have a skill tree so players can upgrade a number of different stats. For instance, Thor's Mjolnir attacks, lightning strikes, flight, health, and more can be upgraded on the road to the new cap of 20.

Locomotion is a new aspect that will differentiate characters, too. Some can fly, some can climb walls, and others are stuck on the ground (sorry Black Widow and Hawkeye). Thankfully, all new vehicles like Agent Coulson's Lola, a mini-Helicarrier that can carry multiple characters, and new motorcycles can help players speed around.

The Toy Box is getting an overhaul, and Disney says players are spending over 60 percent of their time in that mode. Not only are there new mini-game discs (the starter set comes with tower defense and a procedurally generated dungeon crawler), but building is even easier.

New brushes can create complete, complex cities, forests, and more in no time. You can also task AI builders to create different types of environments for you, with different choices working on trees, caves, buildings and more.

The new version will let players enter structures with a door tool. Once inside, you can customize interiors with different components. Players will also get a home that can be decorated to display the variety of achievements earned throughout the game. For those that prefer to download curated content rather than build, Disney is hiring on come of the community's best builders to work with Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City.

Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes will be out this fall for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC, and iOS. A new starter kit is required for the Xbox One, but the PlayStation 3 base will work on the PlayStation 4.