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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: What Other Forms Of Business Should Nintendo Explore?

by Ben Reeves on Apr 28, 2014 at 12:47 PM

Nintendo sees itself more as an entertainment company than a gaming company. Earlier today, we talked about Nintendo CEO and president Satoru Iwata's comments on Nintendo's new consumer health and quality of life division, which could push the company in new directions. Nintendo isn't going to stop make games any time soon, but what other kinds of lifestyle and entertainment products do you think it should explore?

It's not a secret that Nintendo's newest console isn't as much of a hit as the company would have liked, so I don't find it surprising that Nintendo would like to explore other products that it feels will be more profitable. Since Nintendo's new division is focused on health and quality of life products, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo is exploring some kind of fitness band or smart watch-like device.

However, I wonder if that is really Nintendo's strength. I think Nintendo is great at making cute and lovable characters as well as polished games, so if it does anything else outside of its current consoles, it should center around that. Maybe the company could bring back the Game & Watch and create a series of portable single shot games, or leverage its stable of characters for some quality Pixar-like movies or TV shows.

Who knows, maybe Nintendo will announce some of these new lifestyle and entertainment products at this year's E3. If Nintendo were to do anything besides make games for it's current consoles, what would you like that to be?