PlayStation 4 Ver. 1.70 Removes HDCP Restrictions, Adds Better Video Editing, Arrives Soon

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 25, 2014 at 05:01 AM

The PlayStation 4's next firmware update has a release date, and it will make sharing video much better.

The firmware update has been confirmed for Europe and Japan April 30. Firmware typically releases worldwide simultaneously, so it's likely it will also be available in North America on that day. The update adds ShareFactory editing tools, which will offer many more options for cutting together gameplay videos. Perhaps the more exciting update, however, is the ability to turn HDCP off – something many have been demanding for some time. With HDCP off, you will be able to capture PlayStation 4 gameplay footage outside of the PlayStation 4 internal capture capabilities, and you will be able to save high-definition video to a flash drive.

The update will also allow for auto-downloading for pre-ordered games so you can start downloading games pre-release.

[Source: @PlayStationEU]


Our Take
This is great news, especially for YouTube Let's Players who want to have PlayStation 4 games on their channel. I particularly like being able to save footage to a flash drive so you can keep your hard drive space cleared up.