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Create Your Own Pixel-Art Mario From Wood

by Isaac Federspiel on Apr 21, 2014 at 09:34 AM

Some of the best pieces of video game art is the stuff you can make yourself. An Imgur user was nice enough to provide step-by-step instructions for making a pixel-art wooden Mario.

The project requires some basic wood working equipment and minor know-how, but should be easier to do. The creator took a board and used a router to cut squares into the board to create a pixel effect. These are all painted Mario’s different colors, and the excess is cut away to reveal our favorite 8-bit plumber.  

The Imgur album has a photo for every step to make sure you don’t get lost if you choose to make it. If Mario isn't your thing, check out this papercraft Robert Lutece that includes instructions to make it.

Have you ever made a cool piece of video game art? Let us know in the comments!