Pay For Snoop Dogg To Narrate Your Call Of Duty Matches

by Mike Futter on Apr 15, 2014 at 11:05 AM

Starting in one week, you’ll be able to buy DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts that swaps out the normal multiplayer announcer for Snoop Dogg. No. This is not a late April Fools’ Day joke.

Activision commissioned the rapper to record his own voice work that replaces the standard overlay in multiplayer matches. It seems absurd. It is absurd.

And I can’t believe no one has ever done this before. Standalone GPS units have had custom voices for ages. This is the next logical step.

Give me a Sterling Archer, Bruce Campbell, or Nathan Fillion voice over and I’m there. You hear me, Activision? You will have my money.

There's an R. Lee Ermey voice pack planned, too. That seems pretty fantastic, if you'd like a drill instructor shouting you down every time you get killed. OK. I'll buy that one, too...

Snoop Dogg is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on April 22 (other platform release dates coming soon). The voice packs are priced at $2.99.