OlliOlli's Consoles And Steam Ports Releasing In July

by Isaac Federspiel on Apr 14, 2014 at 08:29 AM

Roll7’s side-scrolling, pixelated Skateboarding game OlliOlli originally launched on the Vita, but now its release date for other platforms has been announced. OlliOlli is coming to PlayStation 4, PS3, and PC on July 22, according to a Den of Geek interview with director Simon Bennett during PAX East.

Roll7 isn’t handling the port process for OlliOlli itself. Instead, BlitWorks (the developer who handled the Spelunky Vita port) is working on the PS4 and PS3 versions, while Developer Digital is handling the transition to Steam distributed onto PC, Mac, and Linux versions. 

Last month Roll7 announced its next project: Not a Hero, which is a cover-based shooter from a 2.5D perspective. You can find our review of OlliOlli on Vita here.  

[Source: Den of Geek]

[Via: Polygon]


Our Take
I've always wanted to try OlliOlli, but am sadly Vita-less. Now that it's coming to the rest of Sony's platforms and Steam, I just have to figure out which platform I want to play it on.