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Chris Roberts Shows Star Citizen's Dogfighting In Extensive Demo

by Jeff Cork on Apr 11, 2014 at 04:54 AM

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Chris Roberts gave Star Citizen backers an extensive, early look at the game's dogfighting module, which should be coming within the next month. The event took place last night, on the eve of PAX East, but you can see the hour-long presentation now.

The clip below is Roberts' presentation in its entirety. It shows the game's impressive attention to detail, which begins in the virtual hanger and the animated sequence of entering a ship. Even the simple act of getting seated and putting on a helmet has a little extra pizzazz (one of the benefits of having such a large dev team). Once the bay's shutters are opened, you can see the ship-to-ship battles.

According to the in-game fiction, this dogfighting module is actually a simulation itself, called Arena Commander. Watch the video below to see it in action and to learn much more about the module. The top video is Roberts' entire gameplay presentation. The bottom video is a compilation of all of the gameplay showing during it.

For more on Star Citizen, read our in-depth interview with Roberts. He talks about returning to game development, crowdfunding, and much more.

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Our Take
The crowd backed the game, so they're clearly invested in Star Citizen in several ways. Still, it's hard not to share their vocal enthusiasm when the player character gets settled into the detailed cockpit for the first time or locks onto an enemy target. The game looks fantastic, and it has to be satisfying for Roberts to be able to deliver some of the things he was aiming for with his Wing Commander series.