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Red Riding Hood Is An Alcoholic Bounty Hunter In Dragon Fin Soup

by Cameron Koch on Apr 10, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Video game Kickstarters are all about enabling developers to create games that might be tough sells for traditional publishers. Case and point is Dragon Fin Soup, a game where you play as a re-imagined version of Red Riding Hood who is a bounty hunter with a liquor problem.

Developer Grimm Bros has combined roguelike elements with a tactical RPG to create a tale set in a dark and twisted fairy-tale world. Dragon Fin Soup is set upon the back of the giant turtle-dragon god Asura, where players will control Red Robin as she confronts her dark past. You can check out a whopping 24-minute gameplay video below.

The game is played from a top-down 2D perspective, and players can choose to speed up or slow down the action in order to assess the encounter and plan their next move. Joining Robin on her journey are a variety of pet familiars, which can be obtained throughout the game and level up alongside the player. As well as scripted quests and areas, the game also features procedurally generated missions and dynamically created environments.

Dragon Fin Soup has already blown past its original fundraising goal of $24,000, currently sitting on more than $100,000 raised with 20 hours still to go in the Kickstarter. A donation of $15 will get you a copy of the game upon its release, and the developers have added numerous stretch goals.

If this fairy tale is to your liking, be sure to check out the game's Kickstarter page. Dragon Fin Soup has already been approved on Steam Greenlight and is planning to be released on PC, Mac, and Sony platforms.

Our Take:

It's always great to see fans responding to a Kickstarter project and helping developers create the game of their dreams. Let's hope the $100,000 raised so far will help Grimm Bros achieve all they have set out to accomplish.