Get To Know The New Head Of Xbox

by Matt Bertz on Apr 10, 2014 at 03:00 AM

Last week Microsoft announced that its game studio head Phil Spencer was given the keys to the entire Xbox division. Today they released a video so fans could get to know the new captain of the ship.

In this casual interview with Xbox spokesman Major Nelson, Spencer (who is a 26-year veteran at Microsoft) sheds light on his history working with luminaries like Peter Molyneux and Brian Reynolds on games like Fable and Rise of Nations, respectively. He also waxes nostalgic about playing Voodoo Vince with his daughters and gives fans insight into the kinds of games he most enjoys to play. Watch the video here:

Our Take: 
Microsoft is certainly driving home the point that Phil Spencer is a gamer first and foremost. The sentiments are nice, but the proof will be in the types of games he brings to market and the attention he gives to the platform as a gaming device in the near future.