Resistance Trilogy Online Servers Shutting Down April 8

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 05, 2014 at 10:08 AM

The online servers for all three Resistance console games are going down April 8, making this the final weekend you will be able to play online.

Sony announced the shutdown of a number of servers for its games back in December including MAG, SOCOM: Special Forces, SOCOM: Confrontation, and Gran Turismo 5. The originally announced shutdown date for the three Resistance games was March 28, but that has been obviously been pushed back.

Replying to fans online asking why the servers need to come down Insomniac Games clarified that it isn't entirely its decision.

The offline campaign modes for all three games will still be playable.

[Source: @insomniacgames, via GameSpot]


Our Take
It's always disappointing to hear of online modes going offline. I'm sure the numbers of players still playing all of these games is small – but they're devoted. I revisited a number of online modes for similar games, recently, and found that people were still playing them quite a bit.