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Weekend Warrior 4/4/14

by Cameron Koch on Apr 04, 2014 at 02:00 PM

The GI crew continues to explore Seattle, slay demons, and fight through the pain that is Dark Souls II. What will you be playing this weekend?

Mike Futter: Diablo III continues to captivate me. You could say that it reaped my soul. I wouldn't say that. But you could. 

Kyle Hilliard: I’m still having a blast with Infamous Second Son. I finished my good playthrough of the game and I’ve started my evil playthrough on the expert difficulty. The Infamous games are the only titles of the last few years where I immediately restart them after playing through them once. Otherwise I will be catching up on some TV. I want to watch the recently aired Hannibal Buress stand-up special, I am looking forward to Game of Thrones’ premier, and I will be recording Patton Oswalt’s new hour of stand-up to watch at some point in the future.

Tim Turi: I’ve acquired my first Grand Soul in Dark Souls II. Three more to go before the latter section of the game opens up to me. I’m emerging on the other side of a quagmire filled with ho-hum sections of the game, and my enthusiasm is being rekindled like one of the games’ iconic bonfires. 

Ben Hanson: This weekend I hope to find more time to play Infamous Second Son. I'm not very far but have been looking forward to running around Seattle for a while now, plus it's still thrilling to play a meaty game on my PS4. Outside of that, I have my computer all set to play Reaper of Souls but I haven't even booted it up. Hopefully I'll have that game-packed weekend that I crave. Have a good weekend!

Jeff Marchiafava: I’m still slowly making my way through Dark Souls II, and loving every minute of it. I recently took down a demonic horse chariot boss, a creepy prisoner boss, and possibly Jabba the Hutt. Iron Keep has been a bit trickier thanks to the abundance of lava, but I’m hoping I can get through it this weekend. I’ll also probably play some Mercenary Kings, which should provide a nice and hopefully less stressful change of pace.

Isaac Federspiel: I started playing Hearthstone (to varying degrees of success) a little bit since the first official season started this week. I’d like to put some more time into it and work toward a more respectable rank (what’s up, my fellow Leper Gnomes?!). I also want to try and learn more than the handful of characters I’m comfortable with in League of Legends. Apart from that, I might pick up South Park and throw some more hours at it.

Cameron Koch: It will be a weekend of backlog for me as I play a few games I have yet to touch (Sleeping Dogs) and other games I've been putting off finishing (Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall). At some point I will probably be overcome by a sea of sadness as I realize over and over again that I don't have HBO and thus can't watch the Game of Thrones premiere. Maybe watching Captain America punch bad guys in the face, video game style, will cheer me up.