Players Find Massive Megalodon Shark In Battlefield 4

by Tim Turi on Apr 04, 2014 at 02:01 PM

The Megalodon was an enormous, nearly 60-foot-long shark that prowled the Earth's waters millions of years ago. Rumors of the ocean predator's existence circulated in the Battlefiend 4 community. Persistent hunters have now spotted the huge beast in the new Naval Strike DLC pack.

YouTube user jackfrags has posted a video that not only proves the existence of the DICE's sneaky Megalodon Easter egg, but instructs players how to summon the fearsome creature. The process involves gathering a group of friends around a specific buoy in the waters, which causes the horrible thing to burst out of the depths and crash down on your team.

[Source: Kotaku]

Our Take
That monster would make Lovecraft and Spielberg both shudder uncontrollably. I'm not particularly afraid of sharks, but seeing that massive thing in contrast to the already huge Battlefield map is unsettling. At the same time, I really just want to play a Battlefield mod where we chase the Megalodon down in a chopper and try to take it down Captain Ahab-style.