april fools' day

Square Enix Website Inserts Thief's Garrett Into Playable Final Fantasy [April Fools' Day]

by Shin Hieftje on Apr 01, 2014 at 08:17 AM

One nice part of Square Enix owning the Thief license is they can do fun stuff with it on days like today. If you go to the official Japanese Thief site, you will be taken to a Final Fantasy battle where you can only play as the "Master Thief" class, who has way lower HP than the other classes.

Thief has eight options to choose from, seven of which are steal ('nusumu' in Japanese) and the other one is run away ('nigeru'). With that information, you ought to be able to puzzle your way through, even if you can't read Japanese.

It’s pretty funny as it is, and even more funny if you can read Japanese. There are dozens of lines in Japanese about what the thief was successful or unsuccessful in stealing. Some of the lines I saw read “You stole car keys,” “The bike you stole could not run well,” “You stole something useless!” and “What’s yours is mine.”

[Source: Siliconera]