Oculus Brings On Another Valve VR Employee

by Mike Futter on Apr 01, 2014 at 04:07 AM

Oculus VR has announced the hiring of Aaron Nicholls, who worked with Atman Binstock at Valve. Nicholls departs the house of Newell after two years working on a “wide range of perceptual and physical considerations necessary for delivering presence in VR” according to his LinkedIn profile.

Oculus has been on a new hiring spree since its acquisition by social media giant Facebook in a $2 billion deal. Last week, the company announced the hiring of Michael Abrash, another of Valve’s VR scientists.

Nicholls joins a growing team that also includes Id Software co-founder John Carmack, as the company works toward its first consumer model. For more on Oculus, check out our recent interviews with company leadership before and after the Facebook acquisition.

[Source: Oculus VR on Twitter]


Our Take
When we spoke with Oculus leadership following the Facebook deal, we were told that recruitment would be ramping up quickly. I expect that once the majority of hardware hires are complete, we’re going to start hearing about key personnel that will advance software. Expect things to continue to ramp up quickly now that Oculus has Facebook’s resources at its disposal.