Is A New Blood Dragon On The Horizon?

by Jeff Cork on Apr 01, 2014 at 05:12 AM

April Fools' Day is usually a big, fun mess in the games industry as everyone tries to sort through what's real and what's an elaborate prank. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was announced this time last year, and it turned out to be completely real. Now there's a tease to a new entry in its bloodline.

As with many things these days, it started with a tweet. Hobo with a Shotgun director (and friend of Blood Dragon's creative director Dean Evans) Jason Eisener posted the following:

Click the link, and you'll see Eisener holding a copy of the record. It looks nice in red, and the VHS cassette-reel sticker is a nice touch. The background is perhaps more interesting. It shows some bipedal robots blasting at each other, with a Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2 logo on it.

Evans followed up with the following tweet, which also features the #vietnamwar2 hashtag:


Our Take
A logo and some wallpaper don't necessarily mean anything, but we're not ruling out the legitimacy of this one. Skipping past Blood Dragon II and jumping into the third entry seems like something Evans might do, too. If nothing else, we got some nice art of a few Robocop ED-209s battling aliens, with a little air support thrown in for good measure.