Watch Dogs Won’t Have A Pre-Release Demo

by Mike Futter on Mar 31, 2014 at 11:12 AM

“Doing demos takes time,” says Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin. For that reason, Ubisoft’s anticipated open-world title won’t be getting one before launch.

Morin took to Twitter to respond to a number of fan inquiries about a Watch Dogs trial. “The focus is on the game,” Morin replied. "You will see more footage before release."

Watch Dogs was originally scheduled to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013. Ubisoft announced the decision to delay the title just one month before release, putting the game into a “quiet period.”

Recently, Ubisoft announced a May 27 release date on all scheduled platforms except Wii U. A version for Nintendo’s new console is slated for arrival at an unspecified time later this year. For more, check out a recent hands-on preview.

[Source: Jonathan Morin on Twitter (1), (2) via Gamespot]


Our Take:
Fans are concerned because of comparative footage that puts the 2012 E3 reveal alongside recent B-roll. With two months to go, Ubisoft will likely be blitzing us with as much footage as possible in order to wipe away the poorly shot video that has gamers concerned about how Watch Dogs will look when it finally arrives.

Demos do take time and focus, especially with regard to open world games. With the title launching on five platforms at the same time and all hands on deck to hit the new release date, it's not terribly surprising that you won't get an appetizer before the main course.