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Reader Discussion: What's More Exciting? Virtual Reality Or Augmented Reality?

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 30, 2014 at 01:50 PM

With Oculus Rift's latest developments and Sony's Morpheus, the future of virtual reality is on everybody's mind (or face if we're being technical). Recent reports, as well as previously reported on IllumiRoom projection technology point towards Microsoft possibly pursuing something different – something related to augmented reality. Which is more interesting?

With virtual reality technology, a virtual world is created around you. With augmented reality, the world around you is modified in different ways. We've seen the latter already experimented on with both 3DS and Vita games and applications. Games like Eye of Judgment and EyePet, PlayStation 3 games that used that console's camera's technology, also offered early experiments with augmented reality.

Virtual reality isn't widely available yet, but Oculus Rift test kits are in the hands of many, and interesting experiences are already being crafted.

Which technology has you more excited? Microsoft's IllumiRoom technology looks very cool, and doesn't require glasses, but it's hard to imagine that it will be more immersive than virtual reality hardware. Also, Microsoft may be working on a form of augmented reality gaming that requires headgear, anyway. I have my personal misgivings about virtual reality headsets, but you can't deny how quickly it pulls you into a virtual world.

Is there one technology you will be quicker to embrace over the other? Or are you happy with your interactive digital experiences the way they are?