Todd Howard Muses About The Elder Scrolls' 20-Year History

by Joe Juba on Mar 25, 2014 at 10:05 AM

The Elder Scrolls is one of only a handful of still-successful series that can boast 20 years of quality titles. Bethesda game director Todd Howard looks back at one of his favorite moments during development, and what makes the series unique.

In his post on Bethesda's blog, Howard shares his thoughts on the importance of fans, incorporating feedback, and the future of the series. He brings up The Elder Scrolls Online (which is created by Zenimax Online, not his team) as a new direction for the series that will be "its own thing."

Even though it doesn't contain any info on The Elder Scrolls VI – or any upcoming single-player Elder Scrolls projects – it is still interesting to see the series from the perspective of someone involved in its creation. If you want to hear even more about The Elder Scrolls series from Howard, watch the video below from our Skyrim coverage.


Our Take
Even without any bombshell tidbits, this is worth reading. Todd Howard and the team at Bethesda have figured out how to consistently raise the bar with The Elder Scrolls, and that doesn't happen by chance. They have a found a successful approach to both creating great games and pleasing fans, so any insight he can offer about the series is valuable.