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The Speed Of Light Explained Through Minecraft

by Isaac Federspiel on Mar 25, 2014 at 07:05 AM

People like Neil deGrasse Tyson are working hard to make learning about science appealing with shows like Cosmos. Others are using video games as a vehicle for education. This video explanation of the speed of light done in Minecraft is an example of one such endeavor.

This astrophysics lesson was created by YouTube user spumwack, who uses Minecraft frequently in his videos and let’s plays. By setting up a visual demonstration of how light speed works through a few different means, like limiting his speed with doors or running across the entire world in a fraction of a second, a complex concept becomes much easier to comprehend. In the summary, he hints that a future video will be focused on the heady concept of "time." Given Minecraft's popularity, we expect that players have often wondered where their hours disappear.