PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.10 Adds Calendar, Ups App Count

by Mike Futter on Mar 24, 2014 at 02:41 PM

Sony is rolling out the latest firmware for the PlayStation Vita, adding a couple of new features and loosening restrictions on the number of apps you can have on the home screen. You’ll also be able to pass voice messages back and forth to your friends using the handheld.

Firmware 3.10 also adds a calendar function that allows users to sync up their Google data. Events can then be shared via messaging and email from the Vita.

Once updated, you’ll also be able to manage the content on your memory card in an easier and more streamlined fashion. Finally, you can now have up to 500 apps on your home screen. Unfortunately, we’re not aware of a memory card that can support that volume.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
The 500 app limit seems like a bit of a troll. With memory card sizes still restricted to 64 GB, you’d need to load up with PlayStation Mobile and PS1 titles in order to hit the cap. The calendar function is a neat inclusion, especially since it syncs up with Google and can be used in conjunction with messaging features. 

The update I’m waiting for is the one that drops the price of memory cards. Mine keeps filling up.