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Eleven Of The Most Popular Grand Theft Auto V Snapmatics

by Mike Futter on Mar 24, 2014 at 03:44 PM

It's been six months since Rockstar unleashed Grand Theft Auto V on an eager gaming populace. Since then, thousands of selfies and scenic shots have been taken using the in-game Snapmatic app. We spent some time looking through some of the most popular and were impressed by the lengths some users went to frame the perfect picture.

The images below depict assorted absurdity and clever nods to television, film, and games. User Stellar_Rig brings us the enthusiastic mime picture above. Read on for more of our favorites.

User Moistmagpie is seen here recreating a scene from Top Gun... sort of.

KanEazy and his friend aren't likely to survive this standoff, but kudos on circling the wagons.

MILINKO81 just wanted to go out for a nice day on the water. Hope he isn't going swimming.

It might be a Royale with Cheese in France, but Hjango reminds us that at BurgerShot, it's a Quarter Pounder.

CamzaDog snapped this picture of a gentleman doing yoga on the sidewalk. He spilled his coffee, though. Only in Los Santos!

KieranMarsh wants to know if you'd like to cook, Jesse.

Espenr caught this picture of a sleeping Sasquatch. Awwwww.

Ipkicks makes this look good.


Schoolboy129's Vault Boy reminds us that war never changes, especially on the streets of Los Santos.


ImFreakinBatman reminds us that family time is important for discussing those burning issues from our day.

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