PlayStation 4 Shortage Will Continue Into Summer

by Ben Reeves on Mar 21, 2014 at 03:44 PM

If you've walked into a store looking to buy a PlayStation 4 console, then there is a chance that you've been disappointed. Prepare for the possibility that your disappointment will stick with you until this summer.

Sony's new console has been selling strong since launch. So strong that many retail chains are continually sold out of the hardware.

While speaking with the The Wall Street Journal, Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House admitted, "We're struggling to keep up with demand. Conservatively, as we get into the early summer months, we'll be closer to a full supply situation."

Our Take
New console releases are always followed by a few months of shortages as the manufacture struggles to catch up with demand, so this is not really surprising. Thankfully, those who are still waiting to pick up their system now have a rough timeline to look at for when they can expect to be able to pick up their new console. If you want a PS4 before this summer then keep hunting; you never know when you'll get lucky. 

[Source: The Wall Street Journal via Joystiq]