gdc 2014

The Last Of Us Takes Home Top Prize At 14th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards

by Matt Bertz on Mar 19, 2014 at 05:40 PM

Naughty Dog wrapped up the 2013 award season with another collection of well-deserved trophies.

At the annual GDC award show, hosted this year by Respawn Entertainment community manager Abbie Heppe, The Last of Us landed top honors along with best narrative and best game design. Indie darling Papers, Please and Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite garnered two awards each.

Here is the full list of winners:

  • Ambassador Award: Anita Sarkeesian - Feminist Frequency
  • Pioneer Award: Brandon Beck/Marc Merrill - Riot Games
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Ken Kutaragi - Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Audience Award: Kerbal Space Program - Squad
  • Best Visual Art: BioShock Infinite - Irrational Games
  • Best Technology: Grand Theft Auto V - Rockstar Games
  • Best Narrative: The Last of Us - Naughty Dog
  • Best Handheld/Mobile Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Nintendo EAD
  • Best Game Design: The Last of Us - Naughty Dog
  • Best Downloadable Game: Papers, Please - Lucas Pope
  • Best Debut: Gone Home - The Fullbright Company
  • Best Audio: BioShock Infinite - Irrational Games
  • Innovation Award: Papers, Please - Lucas Pope
  • Game of the Year: The Last of Us - Naughty Dog

Before the Choice Awards, Capybara Games president Nathan Vella took the stage to hand out the Independent Game Festival awards. In addition to its two Choice Awards, one-man project Papers, Please (which also won GI's best simulation award) took home three IGF awards, including the grand prize.

Here is the complete list of winners:

  • Excellence In Visual Art: Gorogoa - Jason Roberts
  • Excellence In Audio: Device 6 - Simogo
  • Excellence In Design: Papers, Please - Lucas Pope
  • Excellence In Narrative: Papers, Please - Lucas Pope
  • Nuovo Award: Luxuria Superbia - Tale of Tales
  • Best Student Game: Risk of Rain - Hopoo Games
  • Audience Award: The Stanley Parable - Galactic Cafe
  • Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Papers, Please - Lucas Pope