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Sentry Turret Can Be Matched To Environment

by Isaac Federspiel on Mar 19, 2014 at 11:30 AM

It was recently announced that Cryptozoic Entertainment is working on a Portal board game. If you’re planning to buy one, you might be thinking about how you will protect such a hot commodity. Thankfully, you can get a customizable mini sentry turret to protect your valuables, like board games or cake.

The 8” tall turret comes completely blank and is described as “camouflaged for the Arctic Wasteland environment,” in its description on Think Geek. While this already works perfectly for our snowy offices, you might desire a pattern or design. So a black permanent marker is being sold along with the turret so you can customize it to match its surroundings.  

The Do It Yourself Sentry Turret is available at Think Geek for $19.99.