Report: EA Set To Publish Titanfall Sequel

by Matt Miller on Mar 19, 2014 at 09:58 AM

Electronic Arts has reportedly locked down the publishing rights to Titanfall 2. EA is unwilling to comment on the topic, but given the early word on successful sales of Titanfall, it would certainly not be a surprise that EA desires to continue its relationship with Respawn Entertainment.

GameSpot says that a "reputable" source says that Electronic Arts has secured the rights thanks to an option based on the successful performance of the original.

Previously, EA has committed that the original Titanfall will remain exclusive to Xbox and PC for life. However, no such relationship is in place for Titanfall’s sequels. Respawn head Vince Zampella has been clear on the point that the exclusive Microsoft console relationship is only for the first game

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[Source: GameSpot]


Our Take
If this report is to be believed, it will be interesting to see how EA leverages subsequent Titanfall sequels with Sony and Microsoft. Since its launch, Titanfall has begun to prove its draw, and the presence of a sequel on any given platform moving forward will have an effect on the perceived success of that console.