Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Expansion Receives Release Date And Trailer

by Isaac Federspiel on Mar 19, 2014 at 11:25 AM

A new Battlefield 4 trailer released today gives us a sneak peak at the destruction and additions that the Naval Strike pack is bringing. Battlefield 4 premium members have first dibs on the new content starting March 25.

Included in the expansion are four new maps:

  • Lost Island: You can blow open a crashed passenger plane and capture fishing villages across tropic islands.
  • Wave Breaker: You can drop submarines on your foes, infiltrate a naval base, or rush between the docks of ships and rocky islands.
  • Nansha Strike: Fight across the largest stretch of ocean in any Battlefield map.
  • Operation Mortar: This map takes place in an abandoned cliff-side resort.

Along with the new maps, players also have access to five new weapons, two gadgets, a hovercraft vehicle, 10 assignments, and the Carrier Assault mode – a reimagining of the mode Titan from Battlefield 2142 that we detailed back in February

Naval Strike becomes available April 8 for non-premium members. Premium membership grants access to the five planned expansion for $50. The expansions Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand are the last expansions planned for Battlefield 4, and are set to release summer 2014.