Report: Co-Founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi Leaves Q Entertainment

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 17, 2014 at 02:32 PM

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, co-founder of Q Entertainment and director of the recent Child of Eden, has reportedly left the studio he helped create.

The report of Mizuguchi's departure comes from CVG, which received details of his departure from an anonymous source within the company. According to the report, Mizuguchi left quietly last year and chief executive Shuji Utsumi has also left the company. The anonymous source says Utsumi's departure is related to acquisition of Q Entertainment stock by Sanyo Chemical Industries, a company that works in the manufacture of plastics and other materials. We're currently making an effort to confirm Mizuguchi's departure and will update this story when we receive more information.

In 2012 reports surfaced that Mizuguchi would no longer be creating games for Q Entertainment and would be taking on more of a spokesperson role for the developer. He stayed with the company as an advisor, but for the most part has been working on his own since 2012.

Along with Child of Eden, Q Entertainment is also responsible for games like Lumines and Meteos. For our review of Child of Eden, head here.

[Source: CVG]


Our Take
If the details of this report are true, it calls into question what's in store for the future of Q Entertainment. More curious departure Mizuguchi is the report of Sanyo Chemical Industries' interest in the developer. What will that mean for future projects?