First Titanfall K’nex Sets Include Pilots, Titans, And Angel City

by Mike Futter on Mar 12, 2014 at 05:39 AM

Angel City is one of the maps most familiar to Titanfall players, thanks to its inclusion as one of two in the beta. The bombed-out buildings and steep verticality give pilots an opportunity to get the drop on Titans from windows and rooftops.

K’nex is using this backdrop for its first sets based on Respawn’s inaugural title. The first six sets won’t be along until this fall, which gives you a chance to save up for the $99.99 Ultimate Angel City Campaign set, This includes two Titans and six additional figures (pilots and spectres).

You can also get the Angel City Escape set ($44.99), a Militia Ogre or IMC Atlas ($34.99 each), and the IMC Pilot Strike and Militia Pilot Attack sets ($12.99 each). Detailed images are net yet available, but K’nex has provided a video featuring the two Titans.