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Miniature Battlefield 4 Room More Detailed Than The Original

by Cameron Koch on Mar 11, 2014 at 09:21 AM

Map designers put a lot of work into crafting the perfect multiplayer level. Just as much work goes into recreating those levels in real life, as Andy Jarosz has shown in the above image by recreating an interior portion of the Battlefield 4 map "Operation Locker."

Not only is it a faithful recreation of a portion of the map, but Andy took his 1/37th scale miniature a step further by making a more realistic and gritty version. The level of detail is impressive. The light fixtures are fully functioning, the pillars and tiles look like they've been damaged after an intense firefight, and debris litters the floor. You can check out some pictures of the creation of the piece here. He used the below image, and played the map over and over again, for reference to make sure he got the room layout just right.

Andy said in the Battlefield 4 subreddit where the image was originally posted that the project took him 60 hours to complete, and that is just for one room. I don't want to imagine how long it would take to recreate the whole map. 

Thanks to GI reader domferris for the tip! 

[Source: Reddit]