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Kingdom Hearts Survey Collecting Feedback For Square Enix

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 08, 2014 at 10:24 AM

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Square Enix is asking for feedback for the Kingdom Heart series with a large survey.

To take the survey yourself, head here. It asks a number of obvious questions, but also asks some bizarre questions having seemingly nothing to do with the Square Enix/Disney crossover. You'll answer questions about what Kingdom Hearts games you've bought and played, which are your favorites in the series, as well as what your favorite aspects are. The survey asks for favorite characters and favorite worlds, and also asks how you feel about the HD re-releases. It also requests that you select from a large list of examples what sorts of items you would like to see included in a hypothetical collector's edition.

As far as questions that seem to have little to do with Kingdom Hearts, the survey asks about favorite TV shows and favorite music and bands, and also asks where you get your video game news from. It also has players select favorites from a huge list of current and future non-Square Enix video games that have released or are releasing soon.

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[Source: Kingdom Hearts Facebook, Survey Monkey, via PSU]


Our Take
It's an NBC show, so it is technically a competitor to the Disney owned ABC network, but I made sure to write in Community as my favorite TV show in hopes that a Greendale Community College world will be included in a future Kingdom Hearts game. I am pretty confident Square Enix will take my suggestion/opinion into account.

It's nice to see Square Enix opening up to direct feedback. I've seen surveys like this before for assorted video games, but rarely do they ask questions this direct.