Mobile Needs 'More Devs Who Believe In Gamers,' Says The Room Developer Fireproof Games

by Mike Futter on Mar 06, 2014 at 03:17 AM

As mobile games continue to trend toward free-to-play, one developer is touting the success of its premium titles in the space. Fireproof Games, which released horror-tinged puzzler The Room in 2012 and a sequel in 2013, has shared sales numbers that defy conventional industry wisdom.

“Well today Fireproof received word The Room Two has sold 1.2m,” Fireproof’s Barry Meade said via Twitter. “Combined with The Room we're at 5.4m sales over 14 months.”

Meade mentions that Fireproof did not invest in PR or analytics, choosing to believe in word of mouth instead. The Room and The Room 2 are normally priced at $4.99 (both are currently available for $.99 in the iOS App Store, with the tiles also available on Android).

“Point? Dunno,” Meade writes. “Maybe what mobile games needs is less databollocks and more devs who believe in gamers & what gamers want.”

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Our Take
I have played both The Room and The Room 2, and it’s no exaggeration to say that they are my favorite mobile titles. Both make fantastic use of the unique features of mobile devices rather than trying to shoehorn twitch gameplay and controls onto a touch device. Mobile would benefit from more titles that respect gamers for their interest in the medium and not just for their wallets.