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Titanfall Achievement List Confirms Prestige-Like System

by Mike Futter on Mar 03, 2014 at 01:15 AM

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Long time Call of Duty fans know that reaching max level isn’t the end. The “prestige” system allows players to bump themselves back to the beginning and push through up to 10 times. Respawn (which was founded by Call of Duty creator Vince Zampella) includes a system similar to that.

An achievement list revealed by Xbox Achievements includes mention of “generations.” Reaching maximum level, which seems to be 50, allows players to reset and earn an achievement the first time and the 10th and final time. 

If Xbox Achievements is correct, reaching that last generation is reward in and of itself. It will earn you 0 gamerscore. 

You can see the entire list of achievements here. Titanfall arrives on March 11 for Xbox One and PC. The Xbox 360 version is touching down on March 25. You can check out our most recent preview and coverage for more.

Thanks to Derek for the tip.

[Source: Xbox Achievements]


Our Take
There aren’t any spoilers on this list, and Respawn has crafted a set of achievements that fit normal play. You won’t likely see people boosting or playing in ways that harm the team in order to collect obscure achievements. However, you might find people tailoring their approach in order to progress in-game challenges.