Steam Family Sharing Is Now Available To All

by Mike Futter on Mar 03, 2014 at 06:41 AM

After putting Steam Family Sharing through its paces during a beta period, Valve has made the feature available to everyone. A few simple steps will allow friends and family members to access your Steam game library.

In order to share your library with up to 10 other computers, you’ll need to log into them and authorize the machine. Once you’ve done that, users can access your games while you aren’t using your library. One user can access the shared library at a time, and should the owner try to access his/her library, guests will have a brief window to finish up.

You should be cautious about sharing your library, though. You’ll be responsible for any cheating or fraud conducted with your account. You can read more about Steam Family Sharing on Valve’s informational page

[Source: Valve]


Our Take
Setting up Steam family sharing is an easy process, and it’s a worthwhile feature to consider if you have multiple computers and family members with different accounts. Just remember not to give out your password. You wouldn’t want to put your library at risk, would you?