Irrational Games' Career Day Hosts Nearly 60 Studios For 75 Laid Off Employees

by Mike Futter on Feb 28, 2014 at 10:39 AM

Game Informer has received word that Irrational Games’ career day that took place earlier this week played host to 57 studios. This includes a number of internal Take-Two studios that participated in internal placement efforts.

Additionally, Game Informer can report that seventy employees and five contractors were affected by the decision to “wind down” the studio. Founder Ken Levine announced last week that he will be launching a new team (which may or may not use the Irrational Games name) comprised of approximately 15 individuals currently employed by the Boston studio.

For BioShock fans, we previously reported on Take Two’s commitment to the series. The next game will be handled by a new team.


Our Take
The Irrational Games story is one that has yet to be fully told. For now, close to 60 studios for 75 talented individuals are good odds. We continue to hope that those affected by the change at Irrational find new employment quickly.