New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Out In A Flash

by Matthew Kato on Feb 25, 2014 at 04:27 AM

Square Enix today has released three costume-related DLC packs for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, each for $3.99.

Descriptions are straight from Square Enix.

Ultimate Savior

  • Garb: Celestial Body
  • Weapon: Excalibur
  • Shield: Aegis Shield
  • Adornment: Tiara of the Goddess

Moogle Lover

  • Garb: Moogle Queen
  • Weapon: Mog's Staff
  • Shield: Mog's Shield
  • Adornment: Moogle Hat

Divine Wear (Shown at the top of the page)

  • Garb: Cosmocrator
  • Weapon: Crocea Mors
  • Shield: Abyss Gate
  • Adornment: Deathless Mask

You can pick up all three for $9.99 if you get The Premium Collection DLC.

Also available today for the game is the Japanese Voice pack ($3.99), four new PS3 themes ($1.99), and Xbox 360 avatar items (from $3.99) 

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Our Take:
What's more worth it to you: The actual garb or the weapons?