Microsoft Dropping Price Of Xbox One In UK

by Mike Futter on Feb 24, 2014 at 04:04 AM

Microsoft is set to lower the price of the Xbox One in its second largest market. Starting on February 28, UK gamers can pick up the Xbox One for a priced reduced by £30.

The news comes alongside of the limited Titanfall bundle we reported on this morning. Microsoft is dropping the Xbox One entry fee from £429 ($712) to £399 ($663). This applies to the UK Titanfall bundle and all other versions of the console. 

Microsoft is narrowing the price gap with the PlayStation 4, which is outselling the Xbox One worldwide. Sony’s console will still retail for a lower price with its £349 sticker.


Our Take
Microsoft’s move to cut the Xbox One price is surprising only three months in. Given the currency conversion and North America continuing to be Microsoft’s strongest territory (despite January NPD reports suggesting Sony sold twice as many new consoles), I would not expect to see this move mirrored here.