Battlefield 4 Platoons Going Into Early Access

by Mike Futter on Feb 24, 2014 at 10:42 AM

When Battlefield 4 launched, many of series fans wondered why EA and DICE had done away with the series multiplayer “platoon” feature. Platoons were popular in Battlefield 3, as they allowed players to group up before joining a match, helping to keep parties together.

After quashing the idea that they would make a return for the sequel, DICE has some good news for fans. Platoons are coming back, and early access applications are open. In order to be considered for the trial group, you need to respond in this thread with your Battlelog/Origin name. If you have a pre-existing platoon, your chances for being selected will be improved.

Battlefield 4 currently uses Battlelog for friend management. Based on the Battlefield 3 implementation, platoons will give players the opportunity for greater social interaction, chat and messaging, and scheduling. Additional platoon details are coming soon.

[Source: Battlefield]


Our Take
The absence of platoons in Battlefield 4 was a curious omission. I’m taking it as a good sign that DICE is acquiescing to fans and implementing this feature. 

In the forum thread in which this was announced, another oft-requested feature surfaced (despite DICE's indication that it won't happen). Players want to be able to squad up before a match starts. The current system is imperfect and can lead to being stranded on the opposing team or in a different squad. Here’s hoping EA and DICE continue to listen and respond.