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The Twitch Community Tackles Zelda In New Crowd-Played Stream

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 23, 2014 at 10:27 AM

After the massive success of Twitch plays Pokémon, you knew others were coming. Someone has set up a stream for players to tackle the original Zelda.

Like the Pokémon stream (which is still going strong), Twitch chat users enter commands like a, b, up, down, left, and right in order to control Link. It differs from Pokémon in a few key ways. Link has infinite bombs, and infinite health, and the start button is disabled.

Twitch user Zach Gerlock set up the stream, and explains why there is no start button saying, "Unfortunately, this game would be completely ruined if any player could use the start button. The animation is very long, and the only way to unpause is to press the start button again. We would spend the vast majority of our time in the menu." Gerlock is confident that the first four dungeons can be completed with just the bomb and sword, and plans on switching out items manually if the stream is able to make it further than that.

The stream has been live for about five hours, and unsurprisingly, not much progress has been made.

If you want to watch or participate, or do both, head here.

[Source: TwitchPlaysWhatev, via Kotaku]