PS4 Now On Sale In Japan

by Joe Juba on Feb 21, 2014 at 07:30 AM

While North American gamers have been playing Sony's newest console since November, the company held off releasing the unit in its native country. Today, Japan's wait for the PS4 is over.

The addition of a new territory can only help Sony's strong sales, though some Japanese gamers are undoubtedly upset about the delayed launch. According to Sony, the reason behind the wait was the lack of Japan-focused software that would be available, so the company took extra time to ensure the game line-up was suited to the audience.

Below, you can watch the three-part video montage highlighting the PS4's Japanese launch games and others coming down the line.

Our Take
It always seemed strange to me that one of the major video game markets had to wait three months after everyone else to get new hardware. At the same time, if Sony didn't have the software, there's no other option. Given the dearth of PS4-exclusive content we've experience in North America since the sytem launched, I kind of wish Sony would have given the software more time to incubate here, too.