Feenix Takes Gaming Audio In A Different Direction With $350 Premium Headset

by Mike Futter on Feb 20, 2014 at 09:33 AM

The names Astro, Turtle Beach, Logitech, and Tritton are well known to any gamer that has shopped for a PC headset. Feenix’s new Aria is a departure from the designs and features we’ve seen in other products, including an approach to service that is becoming rare in any industry.

The Aria features 50mm drivers (which can generate stereo and Dolby ProLogic as well as full simulated surround sound), but the company promises that the bass isn’t over emphasized (something that typically happens with larger drivers). The acoustic chamber and outer cups are made from Japanese pine wood. 

Feenix uses memory foam for the earcups covered by leather (rather than cloth or leatherette). The microphone is also a divergence from the norm. Instead of using a boom, the Aria sports a clip-on, unidirectional microphone.

The Aria’s cable terminates in a 3.5mm headphone plug, but also comes with a larger 6.3mm stereo jack adapter and a USB adapter. In addition to the Aria, purchasers are assigned a personal account manager and lifetime support. You can pre-order the device from Feenix’s website.


Our Take
The Feenix Aria is aesthetically pleasing, but at $349, that’s not enough. The price point is at the top of the gaming headset category, and without being able to listen to game audio through them, we’re left to comment on the design choices rather than the performance.

If you’re in the market for a PC gaming headset and have money to spare, it would be worth seeking out an opportunity to try these. The wood acoustic chambers and clip-on microphone make the Aria unique among Feenix’s competitors. The return policy offers a very short window though, so if you’re taking the plunge, be ready to put them through testing as soon as you get them.