Double Fine Streaming Amnesia Fortnight Development

by Mike Futter on Feb 18, 2014 at 10:59 AM

Double Fine has announced that its two-week break from core projects, affectionately known as “Amnesia Fortnight,” is in full swing. The studio is live-streaming the development of four different small games.

The four titles were selected from a number of pitches to studio head Tim Schafer. The games that will be prototyped are:

  • Dear Leader by Anna Kipnis
  • Mnemonic by Derek Brand
  • Steed by John Bernhelm
  • Little Pink Best Buds by Pendelton Ward

This year’s Amnesia Fortnight is being documented by 2 Player Productions, with the pilot episode available here. If you’d like to tune in and watch the development, you can do so on the Double Fine Twitch channel.


Our Take
Amnesia Fortnight continues to be one of my favorite ideas in the industry, as it pushes Double Fine to brainstorm and be creative outside of the normal constraints of development. Costume Quest, Stacking, and Space Base DF-9 are all titles that began life during Amnesia Fortnights of years gone by. I’m eager to see the results of this year’s endeavors.