Grab Six Great Indie Games In New Humble Weekly Sale

by Jeff Marchiafava on Feb 14, 2014 at 09:16 AM

Humble Bundle has become so popular with big-name game makers (including Sid Meier) that it's easy to forget the website started by spotlighted indie games. The newest Humble Weekly sale returns to the site's roots with six great indie titles.

The weeklong sale features gravity-shifting puzzlers And Yet It Moves and The Bridge, the haunting interactive story game Dear Esther, and the first three chapters of the stop-motion adventure series The Dream Machine. You'll also get the psychedelic-looking Luxuria Superbia and 7 Grand Steps, a digital board game that spans 7000 years.

Gamers are free to pay whatever they want for the bundle, but will have to shell out at least $6 to get Dear Esther, The Bridge, and 7 Grand Steps. As always, purchasers can choose how to split their money between the developers, Humble Bundle, and a charity – in this case the IndieCade Foundation.

[Source: Humble Bundle]


Our Take
Despite not being much of a PC player, I own over 100 games on Steam, most of which have come from buying Humble bundles. I'm a sucker for great game sales, and I'm glad to see some talented indie developers being featured in this week's sale.