Simogo's Year Walk Comes Eerily To PC

by Ben Reeves on Feb 14, 2014 at 01:43 PM

Early last year, mobile gamers got to explore a foreboding forest full of strange happenings based on medieval Swedish legend. Starting on March 6, PC players will get to creep themselves out with this unique narrative adventure game.

Year Walk was originally released about a year ago for iOS devices. Matt Miller really appreciated the title and described it as a kind of interactive narrative horror. When the game comes to PCs on March 6, Simogo will add a few additional areas, in-game puzzles, and updated art for players to enjoy, as well as Steam achievement support and an in-game encyclopedia, giving players added information about the creatures and items they encounter in the forest.


[Source: Joystiq]

Our Take
This sounds good. I missed Year Walk when it came out last year, but I really enjoyed Simogo's other recent mobile title, Device 6. I like when games get a second chance to reach a wider audience, so maybe I'll finally check Year Walk out when it hits PC next month.