Microsoft: Xbox One Has Sold 2.29 Times Faster Than Xbox 360

by Mike Futter on Feb 13, 2014 at 11:25 AM

Microsoft has revealed some detail coming out of the NPD report for January 2014. The Xbox One is off to a much stronger start than the Xbox 360, selling more than double the number of consoles when comparing the first three months of both life cycles.

Microsoft also revealed that it has sold 2.27 million software units in January, making up 47 percent of the market. The attach rate for the Xbox One is an average of 2.7 games since the console’s launch on November 22.


Our Take
I was hoping to hear how many consoles Microsoft has sold, which indicates that Sony has moved more PlayStation 4s than Microsoft sold Xbox Ones. We’ll have a full NPD report shortly that will give us some more detail about the industry. I expect Sony to reveal its own console stats soon, too.