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Gamer Proposes To Girlfriend In Divinity: Original Sin's Game Editor

by Isaac Federspiel on Feb 13, 2014 at 07:44 AM

Marriage proposals through games like World of Warcraft have become somewhat common, but it’s not often a proposal is built into the game as a quest. Developer Larian Studios helped a fan do just that by using dialogue creation options in the unreleased Divinity: Original Sin.

Daniel initially planned to propose when the game came out, but when Divinity was delayed he decided to contact the developers directly, according to a press release. Larian Studios helped by inviting Daniel and Delores on the basis of a fake fan contest they had won, allowing them to test the game. 

Delores then started a quest created by Daniel, which involved a ring. Dialogue popped up when she tried the ring on, asking if she would marry him. Larian Studios captured the whole thing on video, and has uploaded it to its YouTube channel.

Larian Studios expects many more creative proposals using its game editor once Divinity releases. Divinity: Original Sin is currently in early access on Steam, where about the first 15 hours of the game are available.  

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