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YouTube User Creates Final Fantasy VII Song Using Floppy Disc Drives

by Isaac Federspiel on Feb 10, 2014 at 07:14 AM

Fans might be clamoring for a remake of Final Fantasy VII, but one musical fan has taken the series in the opposite direction. A rendition of the song Those Who Fight Further composed with 16 floppy disc drives has appeared on YouTube. Anand Jain, who goes by MrSolidSnake745, created the video to add to his repertoire in the medium, which includes the Mortal Kombat and Game of Thrones themes.

Jain uses the motor found in floppy disc drives to generate different pitches, which are then arranged into a song. He also uses software that was written by fellow YouTuber Sammy1Am to piece it all together. 

The Nexon Computer Museum in South Korea asked Jain to build them a musical floppy disc drive exhibit, which he states has kept him busy the past few months. While there, he used the museum's setup of 16 drives, as opposed to the 8 of his own he usually uses. 

Jain currently has a 49-track album composed with his floppy discs available on Bandcamp, where customers can name their own price. Check out his YouTube channel if you’re interested in hearing more songs performed on floppy disc drives.