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Reader Discussion: What Premium Gaming Peripherals (If Any) Do You Use?

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 05, 2014 at 02:04 PM

High-end video game peripherals are big business. Are there any that you insist on using?

For console gamers, the standard controller tends to be the best option, but that hasn't prevented companies from trying to make their own. Fight sticks for fighting games and flight sticks for flight games are popular, as well as fancy headsets for online communication in the age of online multiplayer.

PC gamers have even more options with fancy keyboards and high-precision weighted mice. Then there are things that don't necessarily plug into your gaming setup that still fall under the umbrella of gaming peripherals like Gunnar glasses.

I have a nice mouse that I use for both work and gaming, and I also really like the thumbpads that you can add to controller control sticks to raise them a little higher. I don't know if the latter actually makes me a better gamer, but it does make it feel a little better in my hand. What about you? Are there any premium gaming peripherals that you like to use?