Take One More Turn With The Humble Sid Meier Bundle

by Mike Futter on Feb 04, 2014 at 10:34 AM

If you have the slightest interest in a) strategy games, b) world domination, or c) squares and/or hexes, the latest Humble Bundle is something in which you might be interested. Strategy mastermind Sid Meier is attached to every one of the titles on offer.

This two-week bundle is split up into three tiers. At the “pay what you want” level are Civilization III Complete, Civilization IV Complete, Ace Patrol, Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies, and Sid Meier’s Railroads. If you pony up more than the average, you’ll get Civilization V and the first major expansion, Gods & Kings.

Pay more than $15, and you’ll also get the second major expansion, Brave New World. Paying more than the average also gets you the Civilization V soundtrack.

2K Games’ charity of choice is Action Against Hunger. Those that take advantage of the bundle can split their purchase among 2K Games, Action Against Hunger, and Humble Bundle (to support operations, like delivering these offers).

[Source: Humble Bundle]


Our Take
You might be wondering why you’d want three different iterations of a strategy series. I’m glad you asked. There are changes to each version of Civ, and if you play all three, you might find that Civ V isn’t your favorite. The nuances present in each offer different experiences, and many Sid Meier fans return to older titles to experience them again for just one more turn.