DC Planning Animated Film For 2014 Based On Batman Arkham Games

by Mike Futter on Feb 04, 2014 at 09:17 AM

With every new envisioning of a popular character comes the inevitable question, “Is this canon?” While we might not get the answer to that question with regard to the Batman: Arkham games any time soon, DC is side-stepping the matter by giving that version of the Dark Knight his own movie.

The news comes by way of Heat Vision, which is reporting on a number of upcoming DC animated films. Starting with today’s release of Justice League: War, DC is moving one branch of its animated films to a shared continuity. An upcoming Son of Batman film will feature the same Bruce Wayne as in the new Justice League film.

In addition, DC is putting together one additional, non-continuity release each year. For 2014, that’s a film adaptation of the Arkhamverse. The question remains though, will we see a young, Origins-era Batman, or a more seasoned Asylum or City caped crusader?

[Source: Heat Vision]


Our Take
I like the idea of DC moving toward a more consistent continuity (similar to Marvel’s live-action features). I enjoy the Arkham games for their envisioning of the world and the villains, and look forward to seeing how the games make the transition to film.